BFI - Open Up Wide

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BFI - Open Up Wide
Размер: 8.5 MB
Формат: mp3
Альбом: For The Brotherhood (EP)
Год: 2010
Качество: 320 кб/сек

Слова, текст и перевод - BFI - Open Up Wide

open up wide open up
to feel the fresh stream flooding on your tongue
and it's so sweet
you'd better swallow it down and take some more in
your favorite cuisine

it's f**kin' awesome when you wake up and feel hot mouth, eating your flesh down there
eight o'clock in the morning
and I am the happiest form of a man

swallow it down, you'd better be yourself, bitch!
just take in and tell me what you feel right now
i see you smile

but when you're away I can't wait I die
my memories try to sleep and I wake them up
I f**kin hate when you are not with me on your knees

Yeah - I f**kin hate!

I'll never forget your face!
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