BFI - Stay Back

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BFI - Stay Back
Размер: 3.4 MB
Формат: mp3
Альбом: Stay Back (Single)
Год: 2012
Качество: 320 кб/сек

Слова, текст и перевод - BFI - Stay Back

Go! Just fucking go!

Wanted to see
How I am done
If I'm as stupid as everyone
But now my dick is up in your ass
I am not as stupid as all the rest

За торч! smoking your fat ass blunt
oh crap, I will fill in your juicy cunt
Stay back, wasting your fucking life!

where is the sun?! i'm in the cellar
Where is my gun?! i wanna finish him
where is my fucking gun!?

Go! just fucking go!

My fucking gun
My fucking gun
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